Radish Sprouts

Garden Tower Project: Day 3 Update

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We saw our first signs of life today in our Stop & Shop Grow & Learn vegetable and herb garden, which we planted in anticipation of my soon-to-arrive garden tower from The Garden Tower Project.

The radishes are easily the strongest contenders so far, with both containers sprouting a whole bunch of little leaves. (I hear they’re pretty tasty, so perhaps it will be my next sprouting project after mastering alfalfa sprouts.)

Also making little green appearances were one broccoli, one turnip, one gherkin, and butternut squash. The weather’s been oppressively hot the past few days, with torrential downpours yesterday. This weekend will have mild days in the low 70s, so I’m excited to get out into the yard and clean up a bit in anticipation of the Garden Tower setup. I’m also going to search the yard in usable sticks to beans into ladders for the beans and peas to crawl up.

Will the other containers grow? Oh, the suspense!

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