Advertising and Review Disclosure

The Frazzled may feature products or services for review or links to purchase said products or services in its posts and pages.

The US Federal Trade Commission has strict rules regarding disclosure of when affiliate links, endorsements, or other content may result in compensation to The Frazzled, whether in earnings, products, perks, or services. 

Any time The Frazzled endorses a product through social media, it will clearly define the material connection to a brand or how an affiliate link may benefit the website or operator. This includes on the website itself, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, when necessary.


  • Amazon and other affiliate links that earn The Frazzled money or other compensation for the reader/viewer clicking through to a third-party website and purchasing a product or service.
  • Items that were sent to The Frazzled for free in exchange for a review.
  • Advertisement, collaboration, or sponsorship posts for which The Frazzled was compensated.

The Frazzled’s Promise

  • We will always disclose when we have a material connection to a brand, including personal, family, employment, and financial relationships. This includes any relationship in which we are compensated financially or provided with free products or services.
  • The disclosure will always be clear and toward the top of a post. In videos, the disclosure will be mentioned at the beginning and end of each video.
  • Some reviews will not contain a disclosure, because we truly love a product or service and are not receiving any compensation for discussing it.
  • Reviews are unbiased and are not swayed by whether we were compensated or sent a product or service for review.
  • We will never talk about an experience with a product or service we’ve never tried.
  • We will never make claims about a product or service that require proof the advertiser doesn’t have.