Bath & Body Works Body Sprays

The Sweet Smells of Summer… and Life

I was recently excited to discover Bath & Body Works was having its Buy Three, Get Two Free sale on fragrances. It was time to update my signature scents, since most of the perfumes I wear are too heavy for the summer. I was thrilled to find that, unlike the store, the website includes a lot of retired fragrances – including many I have not smelled since high school or college. Oh, how they took me back.

Patrick Star Toy in Cereal Box

Are Toys In Cereal Boxes Back?

Whoa! I found a toy in my cereal box this morning. I don’t think I’ve seen one since the late 1990s, when prizes seemingly moved to online redemption codes and mail-in rebates. I knew something was different about my new box of Frosted Mini Wheats this morning when I picked it up and heard a thunk against the cardboard.