The Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming, and Cinderella on Parade

You’ll Never Guess What Cinderella Didn’t Tell Prince Charming

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My toddler was flipping through books today, including The Disney Princess TreasuryShe doesn’t know how to read yet, so she’ll make up stories and titles strictly from the photos alone when she’s reading by herself. She has also been watching a lot of Disney+ while we’re in COVID-19 quarantine, so she’ll throw some movie plots into the mix. Today, I heard her spinning a long tale called Cinderella the Tramp.

Sounds like Cinderella’s been seeing Prince Eric, Prince Phillip, and others on the side. This begs so many questions: Did she have to be home at midnight for each one? How much did Fairy Godmother know? Did she bring the princes out for spaghetti and meatball dinners?

Cinderella, you vixen.

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