Melissa & Doug Soft Police Car

When a Toy Police Car Goes On a High-Speed Chase… On My Head

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We’re big fans of the Melissa & Doug Pullback Vehicles, which are a favorite of my two-year-old daughter and are increasingly grabbed by my four-month-old son. The four plush vehicles can be pulled back to race across the floor—and apparently my head, which lead to an unexpected haircut today.

My daughter was driving two of the vehicles — the police car and taxi — up my leg and stomach, which I didn’t mind too much. (Hey, a free massage.) But the police car quickly chased after the taxi up to my head, and in the pursuit, the police car got tangled up in my hair.

I tried in vain to pull my fine, curly hair out of the wheels, but it only tangled further. I needed my husband’s help, but he was upstairs changing the baby’s diaper.

“Let me help you,” my daughter said.

“I need Daddy to help me,” I replied.

“But I’m a little grown up!” she countered.

My husband came downstairs and tried to untangle my hair, but he wasn’t having any luck either.

“We have to cut it,” he said.

Exactly what I was trying to avoid, especially since I’ve been losing a ridiculous amount of postpartum hair already.

“The hair was probably going to fall out anyway,” he offered, snipping the police car off.

Gee, thanks.

I’m one step closer to getting all my hair chopped off — but this time, intentionally.

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